The Big Web Show Summary #95

No-Flash-PlayerHello classmates,

I recently listened to Jake Archibald, interviewed by Jeffery Zeldman on “The Big Web Show”. In this podcast Jake Archibald begins explaining how he use to do lots of flash content since he got into the web design industry. He states that three years ago the web changed and was using less of the flash content he use to do. Jake says this did not affect him very much.

What came to my attention was when Jake begins speaking about today’s technology. He says that just because some people have new devices like the latest PC or Apple computer, this doesn’t mean you need to build high-end content. People who do not have the latest technology of devices might not be able to see the high-end content.

After discussing if mobile applications are slow or not, depending on which program was used to build the app, Jake says it doesn’t matter which program was used. Mobile devices may take longer in uploading a web page depending on the browser you are using.

Thank you,

Erik Gonzalez 95th Episode.


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